Low Voltage Labs now has a wiki

Low Voltage Labs now has a wiki at http://wiki.lowvoltagelabs.com/

I plan to use the wiki for product documentation, future product ideas, and listing resources related to electronics. Let me know what you think.

Join me at the 2010 Open Source Bridge conference

I’m speaking at Open Source Bridge – June 1–4, 2010 – Portland, ORI’ve been chosen as a speaker for the 2010 Open Source Bridge conference. Stop by and learn how to create printed circuit boards using the gEDA suite of electronic design automation tools.

Release your hardware hacker potential with gEDA

This session will take you step-by-step through the process of creating an actual printed circuit board using the gEDA suite of electronic design automation tools. From schematic to gerber files, you can do all with the open source tools in gEDA.

The gEDA project is a full GPL’d suite of electronic design automation tools. The suite includes tools for schematic capture, attribute management, bill of materials (BOM) generation, netlist creation, analog and digital simulation, and printed circuit board (PCB) layout.

This session will cover:
– Drawing a block diagram
– Creating parts and drawing a schematic
– Netlist creation and import into the printed circuit board tool
– Layout of the printed circuit board
– Outputting gerber files
– Design verification
– How to have your printed circuit board built

This session will be presented for the beginner and will assume no previous hardware experience.

VideoOverlayShield is now available for purchase

Low Voltage Labs is now shipping the VideoOverlayShield. This Arduino compatible shield board overlays text on analog video, using the Maxim MAX7456 on-screen display chip. This board allows easy overlay of text onto an analog video signal, NTSC or PAL.

Links for ordering the can be found on the VideoOverlayShield product page.

Looking for open source hardware project ideas

Low Voltage Labs will soon be releasing it’s first open source design hardware project, the VideoOverlayShield for the Arduino platform.

Low Voltage Labs is looking for open source hardware project ideas and would like your input. Do you have an idea for an Arduino shield board or an electronics project that could be used in the classroom? Send us your ideas at the contact page or leave a comment below.

Be sure to check back and see what projects Low Voltage Labs creates next.

Welcome to Low Voltage Labs

Welcome to Low Voltage Labs, a company focusing on open source hardware, electrical engineering design services and creating hardware hacking projects.

Design and sell open source hardware

Provide electrical engineering design services

  • Digital and analog circuit design
  • PCB layout
  • Programmable logic programming for PLDs and FPGAs
  • Embedded software programming: x86 assembly, C, and microcontroller

Experiment with and document hardware hacking projects

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