Pi Traffic Light

Pi Traffic Light from Low Voltage LabsThe Pi-Traffic light provides a fun and easy way to add three 10mm LEDs to your Raspberry Pi project. The red, yellow and green LEDs give visual feedback to the Raspberry Pi GPIO. The Pi-Traffic light can also be used as a tool to learn about controlling the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

• Red, Yellow and Green 10mm LEDs
• Compatible with Pi Models A, B, A+, B+, 2, 3 and Zero
• Uses only four of the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins leaving the remaining GPIO pins for your project
• LEDs connected to GPIO pins 9,10 and 11
• Mounts vertically to the Raspberry Pi GPIO header

Tindie (USA)
Amazon, 2 pack (USA)
eBay (UK, Europe)

Distributors please contact us for pricing and availability.

Width = 0.75 inches
Height = 2.09 inches

• Pi-Traffic light installation – http://wiki.lowvoltagelabs.com/pitrafficlight
• Pi-Traffic light programming example – http://wiki.lowvoltagelabs.com/pitrafficlight_python_example

• Pi-Traffic Schematic (PDF)


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