Breakout Bricks

lvl_breakout_bricks_oshparkBreakout Bricks a new twist on surface mount breakout boards from Low Voltage Labs

Breakout Bricks are surface mount breakout boards that can be connected together with Lego parts. Providing a fun and easy way to build hardware prototypes that include surface mount electronics parts.

• BB-2PIN: 0805/1210 footprint and resistor with an 0805 LED
• BB-SOT23: SOT23-6 and SOT23-3 (2) breakouts
• BB-SOIC8: SOIC8 and TSSOP8 breakouts
• BB-SOIC20: SOIC20 and TSSOP20 breakouts
• BB-MUSB: Micro USB and Mini USB connector breakouts
• BB-PROTO4x4: 0.1” grid of prototype board

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